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About festival

Limits is the overriding theme of the next edition of the Festival of European Theatre, that shall be dedicated to drama.

Limits shall be explored in their widest connotation: Limits that keep on expanding, and those that grow narrower. Limits positive and negative. Mental and existential limits in an individual, family and wider community, or even the entire civilisation. Despite the professed freedom and democracy in our cultural and social space or – if you wish – in Western world, the number of actual and virtual limits keeps on growing. Some of the changing limits are part of series of new impulses and circumstances in the rapidly changing world.

Other limits are the manifestation of defence mechanism, whilst yet other limits are determined by the increasing paranoid states in individuals or the entire society. Freedom and democracy allow permanent transformation and shift of limits. That happens so pointedly that the very theme of the limits of limits is becoming one of the fundamental issues today. In the spirit of these shifts and experiments with our shifts, contemporary theatre, too, explores and tests its limits either by testing the extent of its potential and the degree of its effect on audiences, or by examining the limits of production potential in connection with content as well as the form of contemporary theatre as art.

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