Mary Stuart

State Theatre Košice, Košice, Slovak republic

Premiere: April 12, 2019

June 9, 2019 19:00
The new building of SND, Štúdio

Running time : 1 hours 35 minutes (no interval)

About performance

One of the fundamental plays of European Romanticism

Mary, Queen of Scots, and a Catholic, is accused of conspiracy against Elisabeth I and of having murdered her second husband. Schiller portrays Mary is both a hot-bloodied and pious woman who has come to terms with her imminent death. Elisabeth I, the virgin queen, is proud, cool competitor when it comes to power struggle, as well as that for love. The very moment she signs Mary´s death decree, she marks political victory, though at the cost of moral loss. It brings no respite, peace, or gratification.   Friedrich Schiller has mastered a captivating drama about politics, love, faith and complexity of our inner self, as well as that of decisions taken by politicians, and about and their victims born out of their decisions. The romantic drama about the fateful encounter in the lives of two major monarchs is directed by Slovenian stage director Diego de Brea. 

Ticket prices

1. Category16,00 EUR

Production team

  • Author:
    Friedrich Schiller
  • Directed by: Diego de Brea
  • Dramaturgy: Miriam Kičiňová
  • Set design: Diego de Brea
  • Music: selection
  • Stage Manager: Erika Marištiaková
  • Text monitor: Iveta Vinclavová
  • Cast:
    • ALENA ĎURÁNOVÁ Elisabeth
    • TATIANA POLÁKOVÁ – Mary Stuart
    • ANDREJ PALKO – Róbert Dudely, the Count of Leicester
    • JURAJ ZETYÁK – Georges Talbot, the Count of Shrewsbury
    • STANISLAV PITOŇÁK – William Cecil, Baron of Burleigh
    • JAKUB KUKA, A.H. – William Davison
    • PETER ČIŽMÁR – Rytier Amias Paulet, Mary´s guardian
    • MARTIN STOLÁR, A.H. – Mortimer, his nephew
    • PETER CIBULA – Gróf Aubespine, French envoy


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