Hedda Gabler

The Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia

Premiere: February 3, 2018

June 11, 2019 19:00
The new building of SND, Sála činohry

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (with one interval)

About performance

After an unbridled youth, Hedda falls into the trap of a boring marriage with a decent but mediocre man. Try as he may, he cannot provide the thrill and excitement that Hedda needs. Is this really it? Does anything else lie in store for her except this pallid, middle class agony? One day, a real genius appears in her cage, a friend and former lover, who escaped the clutches of alcoholism through the help of another woman and created a true masterpiece. Hedda cannot have this man any longer, but she cannot to resist the urge to destroy him, to make him lose his mind and peace. After Nora, Hedda Gabler is Ibsen’s most famous play – a play about perpetual discontent, about an unquenchable thirst for excitement; excitement that, in the end, leads one to the edge of tragedy, self-destruction and insanity. If we no longer have a grip on our own life, we can at least have a grip on the life of another, and leave it permanently marked. However tragic the end may be for the other … And for us too.

Ticket prices

1. Category17,00 EUR
2. Category 14,00 EUR
3. Category 9,00 EUR
4. Category 5,00 EUR

Production team

  • Translated by: Ladislav Obuch
  • Directed by: Roman Polák
  • Dramaturgy: Daniel Majling
  • Set: Pavel Borák
  • Costumes: Peter Čanecký
  • Music: Lucia Chuťková 
  • Casts:
    • ALEXANDER BÁRTA – Jorgen Tesma
    • TÁŇA PAUHOFOVÁ – Hedda Tesmanová – Gabler
    • ZUZANA KOCÚRIKOVÁ – July Tesman
    • MONIKA POTOKÁROVÁ – Tea Elvsted
    • DANO HERIBAN – Eilert Lovborg
    • ROBERT ROTH – Doktor Brack
    • ANNA MAĽOVÁ – Berta


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