California/Grace Slick

TR Warszava, Warsaw, Poland

Premiere: December 8, 2017

June 10, 2019 19:00
The new building of SND, Sála činohry

Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes (no interval)

About performance

California and the Pacific Wall, against which the Wave of Westward Colonial Expansion Crashes and Is Turned Back into Intensified Inner Worlds, as Performed by the Inmates of the Palo Alto Mental Health Facility Under the Direction of Mrs. Grace Slick

California is the geographic, cultural, and mental space referenced in René Pollesch’s latest production based on his play written especially for TR Warszawa. The intellectual and social trends originating in 1960s’ California have radically transformed the West. Today, the City of Palo Alto at the very heart of the Silicon Valley is the hub of the Internet and tech giants and the place where the present and future of capitalistic world is decided.

René Pollesch takes us on a trip to the Pacific coast and back on a crest of a civilizational wave returning to today’s Europe in the form of digital technologies, virtual realities, and new economic paradigms. His play is an attempt to understand where colonial expansion and search for new territories has led the Western civilisation. Our guide is Grace Slick, the rock and roll star of 1960s and the icon of the hippie movement in the US. Psychedelia and dot‑coms, sexual revolution and the conquest of space, virtual worlds and start‑ups all meet in this production, Pollesch’s third at TR Warszawa after Ragazzo dell’ Europa and Jackson Pollesch.

Ticket prices

1. Category 17,00 EUR
2. Category 14,00 EUR
3. Category 9,00 EUR
4. Category 5,00 EUR

Production team

  • Text, director:  René Pollesch
  • Translation:  Karolina Bikont
  • Set design, costumes:  Nina von Mechow
  • Director’s assistant:  Karolina Gębska
  • Stage manager:  Katarzyna Gawryś-Rodriguez
  • Production manager: Katarzyna Białach
  • Cast:


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